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Glass Eye 2000 is software for drawing and/or changing (own) designs and patterns used in the stained glass technique en Tiffany technique. 

What possibilities does Glass Eye 2000 offer in the Professional Edition:

  • You find it difficult to calculate a stained glass window that has to be rebated? Glass Eye does this for you and calculates the dimensions of all areas of your design and numbers them automatically. This saves you a lot of time and calculations.

  • The design can be adapted to any size and printed in full size from A4 to A0. Parts of the working drawing as well as the entire design can be printed in full size.

  • The program calculates in "properties" exactly how many lead profiles, tin solder and glass of each type you need and how much this costs.

  • You can quickly view the results of other types of glass, colors, line choice or lead width.

  • You can imort an image, trace it and/or change it for a custom pattern.

  • There is a library with many easy and difficult patterns that you can use and change.

Glass Eye does not require real drawing qualities to create a design. Some computer skills and knowledge of Windows is desirable. 



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